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The Top 7 Tips for Marketing your Business

March 15, 2016 at 1:07 am

Marketing is the most important thing every company, whether new, upcoming or already established should take some time to reflect on as well as engage. It is a function that the business can’t do without if it hopes to continue being in existence. Marketing’s most primary function is the acquisition of new and maintenance of already existing customers. A well planned and efficient marketing strategy will also lead to more sales and hence more revenue for the business. Hence, how your organization handles it will determine your overall share of the market and in general, the continuity of the enterprise in the long term. Here are the top 7 tips to consider when marketing your business:

Marketing Tips

1.Know your target customers/market: You need to know that not everybody will be interested in your products. Do you need to sell to the youth, elderly, Muslims, ladies, men, people in rural or urban areas? Knowing who to sell to will eliminate unnecessary expenditure and lead to more successful marketing.

2. Maximize on social media usage but use it wisely: Social media can enable you to reach a broad potential customer base within a short period at very minimal cost. Join groups in Facebook relating to your area of specialization, create a Twitter account and join other social media sites. You need to make your interaction with your target group more interactive through interactive questions and giving feedback and replies.

3. Set up and maintain a good customer database: You need to have a comprehensive database showing all your valuable assets in the business, the customer, and some future ones. This database will be very essential in maintaining your customers through after sale services and loyalty programs.

4. Offer the extras: One thing that will make a customer buy from you and fail to buy from another is how you treat them differently. What do you have to offer that others don’t? Do you wrap the purchased item for them? Offer assistance on how to use and how to maintain, wish them a happy birthday and many more. Contact your customers by calls and emails to know how they are enjoying the service offered by your item.

5. Have a website and maximize traffic to it: A website enables potential customers to access the products/services offered by your business and the general details about it. It is, however, important that you drive more people to your website especially if you are relatively new; this can be done through investing in good content with links to your business or through SEO.

6. Set goals and targets: It is not logical to continue using strategies that do not work. Have a goal of new customer numbers, sales total, and revenue and planned expenditure. If you have a repeated shortfall from the expected, review your strategies as you are not heading in the right direction. If your budget is very high but no increased revenue, abandon the approach, you might end up with huge deficits.

7. Treat the customer as your most valuable asset: Make your customers feel okay to be associated with you. Take their complaints and feedback seriously and make them see that you care. Treat the customer to be always right even though you do not agree with them on a certain issue.